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Wizpig Returns


Red 1 (Transparent)

Location: South Beach

Attack: Red jumps to target enemy and deals damage equal to 115% AD. Forces target to attack Red for 3 turns.


Protect: Target receives 55% less damage. Lasts 2 turns.

Pros: Gives the highest defense boost of all Red's classes for one target and he can get enemies to attack him instead.

Cons: His defense boost is single-target, and he gets enemies to attack him every single turn. But, if you are fighting pirates, they won't attack Red because they are immune to harmful effects.


Red 2 (Transparent)

Location: Cobalt Plateaus

Overpower: Deals 95% AD damage. Lowers target attack power by 25% for 2 turns.


Aura of Fortitude: All birds take 25% less damage. Lasts 4 turns.

Pros: Can give defense boost to all birds and drop enemies' attack power.

Cons: His defense boost isn't too high. Deals less damage than other classes.


Red 3 (Transparent)
Dragon Strike

Location: Limestone Lagoon

Dragon Strike: Deals 3 x 50% damage.

Defensive Formation

Defensive Formation: Target bird receives 50% less damage and all other birds receive 40% less damage. Lasts 1 turn.

Pros: Deals the highest overall damage of all Red's classes. Gives a better defense boost to all allies

Cons: Its triple attack is ineffective against Ironclad units without any attack boosts and his defense boost lasts for one turn only.


Red 5 (Transparent)
Holy Strike

Location: Sea Lands

Holy Strike: Deals 135% damage. Most hurt bird is healed by 40% of dealt damage


Devotion: Target receives 35% less damage and the Paladin takes the damage instead of the target bird. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros: Allows Red to heal his ally which can be powerful with class upgrades and legendary items.Defense boost also allows Red to tank his allies.

Cons: However this is extremely ineffective against high-damage AOE attacks, as they do not target a unit in particular.


Red 4 (Transparent)

Location: Happy Home in Robloxia-4

Revenge: Deals 80% damage. This damage is increased by 2% per 1% health lost.


I dare you!: Forces all enemies to attack target bird. Target takes 20% less damage. Lasts 2 turns.

Pros: Becomes powerful as his HP drops (Max 240% AD).

Cons: Getting healed lowers Red's attacks and the defense boost also makes enemies attack target birds. Defense boost is the lowest of all Red's classes.

Stone Guard

Red 7 (Transparent)
Location: Shop Feral Assault: Deals 2 x 60% damage. Targets suffering from negative effects receive 150% damage.

Ancestral Protection: Target is protected for 3 turns. Attackers deal -40% damage after attacking the target. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros: Deals more damage to enemies affected by harmful effects, making him more useful when fighting with classes like Rainbird and Skulkers. His shield also reduces the damage enemies deal.

Cons: Ancestral Protection applies a harmful effect on the enemy that reduces the damage rather than applying a helpful effect that directly reduces damage, making it ineffective against pirates. It is also ineffective against Wizard Pigs and Brutes as their charge attacks often drain time off the damage reduction.


001 (11)
Holy Strike

Location: Wizpig's Castle

Angelic Holy Strike: Attacks any 300 damage.


Healing like a Angel: Heals birds and others to MAX damage

Dodge: Passive: Red is already dead

Pros: Too much heals to birds and others to any max damage


Cons: They using chats, hacks or mods. So red is will die in this class


  • Ronin does not appear in Wizpig Returns
  • Red's healing class is Angel
  • Angel Class is only which has pigs ability
  • The real reason "Dodge" is on Angel class is red was already dead
  • These ways to use Angel Class
  1. Knight Pigs, Avanger Guests and other type of Guests are not ironcladed in this class
  2. Easy to mispell Pig's abilities
  3. Brute pig's are fails to target to Red
  4. Rouge Leader is using "Over There!" but Red is on this class really dodges
  5. If Chuck in Illusionist Class Can do Mirror image in This class Can do critical attack
  6. If Matilda in Witch Class can do Giant Growth and with Mirror Image from Chuck is Illusionist Dual Power
  7. If Bomb in Frost Savage Class can do Freezing Barrier and with Giant Growth from Matilda is Witch or Mirror image in from Chuck is Illusionist and it makes Critical Dodge or Critical Power
  8. If elifim24 a.k.a Ashley in Koblox Mage Class can do Dual Force and with her sister with unkwon class
  9. If Noob is using to Red Blocky Wall can Missed and dodged
  • After of MeepCity Event Angel class will be Elite Angel and Holy Angelic Stirke damages 400 damage And In rage chili Deals 1000 damage if you Collect x20 Meep accesories x15 Robloxians items x50 Fishs and that will be completed
  • If you after had Angel Class Holy Feather and Holy Healing Heart Comes along here
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