Red is Leader of the flock and The warrior of eagle


Wizpig Returns

Beginning the flock

If you download Angry Birds Epic: Wizpig Returns for free then you begin with him.

Becoming Shark Wizard Pig's Soul

001 (9)

In the cutscene of Sea Lands-6 Shark Wizard Pig is

souless so He take Red's soul and then he will inside of Shark Wizard Pig's Sould so that means Shark Wizard Pig's second and last Soul so he did not got his soul back So he used Red's soul instead of him

Trying escape from Shark Wizard Pig's Soul

001 (10)

In the cutscene of Sea Lands-14 Red's is almost free from Shark Wizard Pig but He uses wind in his soul and Red is not free and Red trying again for first time.


Red's cause death is Killed by Wizpig. So, Mighty Eagle had revive him and add last class Angel

Getting his last class

After death of Red he got revived by Mighty Eagle so his class is Angel

Fighting Aganist Robloxians

After battle with Wizpig

Atfer sevenal years later Red had goodbye with flock (Chuck,Matilda,Bomb,The Blues,Elifim24,elifim25,Hal,Bubbles,Stella and Terence) and he took 5 eggs into his Dojo and he guard eggs like angel

Games Appearence


  • Chuck- They are great friends and Red was saved chuck
  • Matilda- Red and her friend Chuck finded Matilda in her garden and Matilda joined into Red and Chuck
  • Bomb- They friends in Angry Birds Movie


Main Page: Red/Classes

During in Rage Ability

Wizpig Returns

Heroic Stirke

If you use Rage Chili then Heroic Stirke Appears. And Red jumps to attack into a Pig or Robloxian and takes Damage

Angelic Strike

If you use Rage Chili and then Red is transforms Angel Class and attacks into all enemies in battle and takes 400 damage

See also

Dead Red (Wizpig Returns)

Bandicam 2017-02-21 02-05-55-135
Demonic Wizpig had take Red's damage and Red is currently dead
Revive: Last 3 turns

Passive: Fight with Birds elifim24 and with her sister Noob and Prince Porky and then cutscene appears here.


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