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Wizpig Returns


Matilda 1 (Transparent)

Location: Matilda's Garden

Healing Strike: Deals 100% damage. All birds are healed by 20% of the dealt damage.

Healing Shield: If any bird takes damage, all birds are healed by 15% of the taken damage. Lasts 3 turns.

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Pros: Heals all birds every attack. The healing shield works as the defense shield (same as reducing 15% damage from enemies) but also heals others.

Cons: The healing shield doesn't heal too much, around 2-4 health for normal attacks and 40-60 health for big attacks


Matilda 2 (Transparent)

Location: Limestone Lagoon

Thony Vine: Deals 35% damage. Target also takes 100% damage per turn for the next 3 turns.


Regrowth: Heals target by 22% of Matilda's HP and all other birds by 10%.

Pros: Heals birds directly. One of the strongest poison ability in the entire game (335% in total). Attack and healing are both high.

Cons: The target bird gets full healing while the other birds get half the healing, so this won't be of much use when all allies are in need of equal or high healing.


Matilda 3 (Transparent)

Location: Star Reef
Royal Order: Deals 125% damage. Forces all enemies to attack the bird with most health for 3 turns.


Royal Aid: Removes all harmful effects from target bird. Target is healed by 30%.

Pros: Matilda can get people to attack target with most through every attack and her healing is also increased.

Cons: Keep in mind that this forces all pigs to attack bird with highest health so if you're fighting chronicle cave, this is not recommended. But, since pirates will be immune to this, it won't be bad to take princess to pirate pig battles.


Matilda 4 (Transparent)

Location: Shop

Angelic Touch: Deals 2 x 55% damage. Birds attacking this target regain 5% of their maximum health. Lasts 3 turns.


Spirit Link: Connect to target bird. All connected birds share received healing (except potions). Lasts 3 turns.

Pros: Heals everyone if Matilda attacks when the spirit link is activated. And when she uses the rage ability, all birds are healed completely.

Cons: Secondary skill is almost useless if there are no target pigs by Angelic Touch. Priest is not recommended for pirate pig levels.


Matilda 5 (Transparent)

Location: Northern Sea
Heavy Metal: Deals 160% damage. 15% chance to stun target for 1 turn.


Soothing Song: All birds are healed by 10%. They also heal for 5% health per turn for the next 3 turns

Pros: The most powerful class of all. Has 15% chance to stun (20% if equipped with specific items) and her healing will also put a regeneration effect.

Cons: Doesn't heal too much (only 25% in total). Indirect healing can be dispelled by some pigs.


Matilda 6 (Transparent)

Location: Shop

Sinister Smite: Deals 160% damage. Target takes 15% of dealt damage and Matilda is healed by the same amount. Last 3 turns.


Giant Growth: Increases attack power and health by 20%. Last 3 turns.

Pros: Deals very high damage and enemies recieve damage and heals Matilda. The Giant growth ability is very good ability for double effects of healing and attack boost the bird's powers

Cons: Sinister Smite does not work against immune/pirate pigs. Also the Giant Growth ability can be dispelled and is weak if you are healing with any negative effects that reduce or remove healing . Also high damage is ineffective against passively dodging pigs like Prince Porky and ninjas


  1. In Princess Class Royal Order you or a player Red as a Angel Class. Gets immune to get Royal Order
  2. In Priestess Class Angelic Touch you or a player Is had red with Angel Class it gets mispells others ability
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