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Wizpig Returns


Chuck 1 (Transparent).png

Location: South Beach Pig Prison

Storm: Chuck deals damage equal to 55% AD to all enemies, regardless of who is targeted.


Shock Shield: Chuck encloses himself or target ally with an electric shield. Enemies who come into contact with the target are dealt 75% of Chuck's AD. The shield remains active for 3 turns.

Pros: Attacks everyone and he can give his ally a shock shield.

Cons: Only one bird is given a shock shield each turn.

Lighting Bird

Chuck 2 (Transparent).png

Location: Cobalt Plateaus

Energy Drain: 65% chance to immediately remove helpful effects from all enemies. Deals 45% damage


Lighting Fast: Target bird immediately attacks a random enemy.

Pros: Wipes out the passive effects of enemies. Makes any bird attack during his turn.

Cons: Deals less damage than Mage. The bird he makes attack will only attack a random and using it on himself is just a normal attack


Chuck 3 (Transparent).png

Location: Pirate Coast

Acid Rain: Deals 20% damage to all enemies. Targets also take 35% damage per turn for the next 3 turns


Healing Rain: Removes all harmful effects from target. All birds are healed by 20% of Chuck's health.

Pros: Poisons everyone except pirates. The only class that can do direct healing and cancels bad status effects. Healing is very strong when Chuck's maximum health is high.

Cons: Its attack is ineffective against ironclad enemies.


Chuck 4 (Transparent).png

Location: Snowy Peak

Chain Lighting: Deals 100% damage. Lightning strikes 3 other targets, getting weaker with each jump. (Each jump deals 67%45%30% damage. Target is selected randomly.


Energize: Each attack on the target fills the Rage Chili by 5% and has a 20% chance to stun the attacker for 2 turns. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros: The most powerful class of all, making it possible to damage ironclad pigs and he can produce a stun shield and boost rage chili.

Cons: It is the only class that can't damage every pig on screen (unless there are only 1-4 pigs on the battlefield).


Chuck 5 (Transparent).png

Location: Shop

Thunderclap: Deals 45% damage to all enemies. The selected target takes +25% damage for 3 turns.


Rage of Thunder: Enemies attacking any birds receive 35% damage per attack. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros: Drop enemies' defense. Unlike Mage, everyone gets the lightning shield.

Cons: In the arena's they using Red in angel class so they can Red in angel class may be killed. as Mods


Chuck 7 (Transparent).png

Location: Shop

Dancing Spark: Deals 80% damage, 25% of dealt damage to target is applied to all other enemies, last 3 turns.


Mirror Image: Creates mirror image of the target, which attacks a second time, dealing 50% damage. Last 2 turns.

Pros: Chuck's Dancing Spark ability is versatile as it can deal high damage to ironclads and attacking the target dealing damage to other pigs. Few pigs with dodging can be dealt this damage. The Mirror Image is good for dealing multiple attacks with classes such as Stone Guard, Angel, Bard, Cannoneer, Rouges and 2 unknown classes And there are multiple strategies.

1) With angel' Healing like a Angel, birds and other will receive healing
2) With Cannoneer's Cover Fire, enemies will deal more damage

Cons: Dancing spark's effect is useless on target that are immune to harmful effects. Mirror Image may not be helpful against Ironclads (unless you use high damage dealing birds)


  • Archmage does not appear in wizpig returns
  • Healing Rain is most heals Angel Class
  • If Red is in Angel Class Chuck will heal as Rainbird,Wizard,Thunderbird or Illusionist Classes
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