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Wizpig Returns


Bomb 1 (Transparent)

Location: Southern Cobalt Plateaus

Pummel: Deals 100% damage.
Arrr!: All birds' attack power is increased by 25%. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros: Has higher attack power than other birds.

Cons: No defense or healing abilities, high damage is ineffective against Prince Porky.


Bomb 2 (Transparent)

Location: Great Cliffs

Cover Fire: Deals 3 x 30% damage. Lowers target attack power by 20% for 2 turns.


Counter: Target bird counters enemy attacks with an attack of its own with 40% attack power. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros: Does average damage, drops enemy attack power, counter ability can make allies attack enemies even when it is not their turn and triple attack makes him very effective against Prince Porky and Ninja Pigs.

Cons: Counter deals less damage than the birds' normal attack power, and attack power is lowest of all Bomb's classes


Bomb 3 (Transparent)

Location: Snowy Peak

Enrage: Deals 85% damage. The damage is increased by 1% per 2% filled Rage Chili


Frenzy: Target bird takes 15% of its maximum health as damage but all enemies receive the same damage. (Note: this will take away 5% of your banner's maximum health.)

Pros: As the Rage Chili fills, attack power increases slightly (Max 127.5% AD).Frenzy attack can make it possible to damage Porky and Ninjas, even with high attack power.

Cons: The Frenzy attack may or may not be powerful based on the bird's maximum health, low maximum health birds will deal low damage. It is also not recommended to use Frenzy on birds that has too low HP or it may kill the bird (includes himself).


Bomb 4 (Transparent)

Location: Northern Sea

Raid: Immediately removes all helpful effects from target. Deals 90% damage.


Whip Up!: Target bird takes 10% of its maximum health as damage but its attack power is increased by 60%. Lasts 3 turns

Pros: Raid deals high damage and also removes helpful effects from pigs which can be very useful. Plus, the Whip Up move can boost attack power by a massive 60%!

Cons: Whip Up! is not recommended to use on birds that has too low HP or it may kill the bird (includes himself). Using Whip Up! on himself will cost an extra turn and it may attack with it's attack power boosted for only 2 turns (unless you use Red's Guardian class).

Sea Dog

Bomb 5 (Transparent)

Location: Pyramaid of Happy Home in Robloxia

Hulk Smash: Deals 125% damage. The damage is decreased by 1% per 1% lost health


Gang Up': If target bird attacks, Bomb immediately attacks the same target. Lasts 2 turns.

Pros: Deals the highest damage out of all Bomb's classes and one of the most powerful class of all. The Gang Up attack makes bomb attack twice without losing a turn, also his attack power can be increased by healing him. Gang Up can be used with Chuck's Lightning Bird so that Bomb can attack 3 times (by combine Lightning Speed with Gang Up on other birds)

Cons: Becomes less powerful as HP drops.

Frost Savange

Bomb 7 (Transparent)

Location: Shop

Frost Strike: Deals 90% damage. Frozen targets will take 150%damage.


Freezing Barrier: If any ally takes damage, attackers have a 25% chance of being frozen/stunned for 1 turn. Last 3turns.

Pros: Red in Angel Class can More Dodge Freezing Barrier

Cons: Frozen barrier is useless on targets with the immune passive skill.


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