Angry Birds Epic: Wizpig Returns is game which is RPG game a pig returned forever



Playble Birds

Unplayble Birds

Enemy Birds


Playble Robloxians

Unplayble Robloxians

Enemy Robloxians


Playble Pigs

Unplayble Pigs

Enemy Pigs

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Sound Track

You can found some soundtracks in here


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  • Red, Chuck and Bomb is not captured by Ninja Pigs in Bamboo Forest in this game
  • Red's Last Class is Angel
  • Ronin, Moon Priestess, Corsair and Treasure Hunters are don't appear in this game
  • Wizpig don't appear in wave 1 so He is demonic one's in wave 2
  • This game is only some Robloxians here
  • This game is having replactions also edited things.
  1. Piggy Mc'Cool is Replaced and Is not appears on This game
  2. Star Reef is Replaced by Sea Lands
  3. Wizpig is does not appear in Wave 1 of Wizpig's Castle so He is demonic version in last Wave
  4. This game does have 4 key colors Red,yellow,blue and green
  5. Some Cutscenes are edited
  • This game is precced by Fighting Aganist Robloxians
  • Final cutscene plays Ultra Cure Happy Tanjou
  • Arena is Private because it's used scratch program
  • Game is programed Scratch
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